Fayette County, Georgia

Habitat Restoration

Creating the conditions for ecosystem recovery.


Developing beautiful habitats in fragmented landscapes.

Parks & Nature Areas

Creating conservation-minded spaces that encourage discovery, physical activity, and leisure.

Arboriculture & Tree Services

Encouraging the development of healthy trees through proper planting and maintenance.

Featured Project

Project Summary

The main homeowner goal of the project was to reduce maintenance and herbicide use by using native grasses and perennials. Weeds and turfgrasses were removed and 60+ native plants were installed. These natives will grow and self-seed, filling the space and creating a pollinator and bird-friendly landscape. Soaker hoses were installed for irrigation while the plants establish or for use during drought. This front yard was designed to create symmetry and provide structure using native sun-loving plants. As the new plants grow, spread, and with a little maintenance will out-compete invasive plants. This fall shrubs and trees will be installed to finish the space and create a native habitat in the Southern outer piedmont of Georgia.


Native Plant & Animal of the Season

Black-eyed Susan


Welcome to Bluestem

We’re passionate about ecological restoration and native landscaping. Our team specializes in creating beautiful, sustainable outdoor spaces that are as good for the environment as they are for the eye. Whether you’re a homeowner or represent a city or town, we’re here to help you bring your outdoor vision to life.

At Bluestem, we’re proud to work with native plants and environmentally-friendly practices to create thriving ecosystems that are not only beautiful but also functional. From design to installation, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations every step of the way.